Monday, January 17, 2011


The asuras reduced their body size to an atomic level.Like air-borne viruses they entered the bodies of all the gods and goddesses and drained their body fluids.
All the heavenly beings began to loose their luster and also their ability to procreate. These air-borne rakshasas in minuscule form also began to affect other life forms in a similar way.
All the gods,even the trinity and their spouses, were not spared of this agony. Finally all of them decided to take refuge under Vishnu. When they approached him they found that he and Lakshmi too were afflicted by the foul play of Bhandasura. When Lord Vishnu was asked about how Bhandasura could be stopped he revealed the existence of a supreme being called Maha Shambhu who was all knowing and all powerful. He told them that Maha Shambhu and his spouse Parashakthi  were the only two beings in the entire universe who were not affected by Bhandasura's noxious influence. Maha Shambhu otherwise known as Adi Shiva was the highest among the highest. He was the embodiment of supreme consciousness. The immaculate sheen of his purity , his unparalleled intellect and his unfathomable power engulfed all his creations from the tiniest of microorganisms to the largest of living beings and bathed them in the divine light of his wisdom. Being present along with his consort Parashakthi in every atom he is a witness to all our deeds.Destiny ,that controls even  the life of Gods,bows its head down in submission in front of this Lord of the Universe.Lord Vishnu concluded that Maha Shambhunathar alone could provide a panacea to this predicament. Saying thus Vishnu along with all the other gods traveled to the edge of the universe to meet Lord Shambhunatha.

Having reached the place the gods along with their vast arsenal made an effort in making a small hole through the wall so that they could enter  Shambhunathar's fortress. After trying for almost a year they finally manged to gain entry into the fortress. Upon entering they prayed to Maha Shambhunathar to appear in front of them. Lord Maha Shambhunatha then gave them his darshan. His form resembled that of Lord Shiva i.e. he too had three eyes, a kapala (skull) in one hand and a shoola in the other. Upon seeing the gods he smiled and told them that though he used to be in the form of Chidaksha yet he appeared before them in a different form so as to appease the basal intellects of all those who needed a form for the perception of anyone/anything. Looking at the woebegone countenances of the gods he told them that they all had to learn an important lesson from the incident. It was that no one should ever interfere with the course of destiny lest their actions may trigger the chain reaction setting in motion a chain of events that would have horrendous manifestations just like the birth of Bhandasura in their case. He further elaborated that Lord Shiva had tampered with the very fabric of fate when he burnt Manmadhan  to ashes. It was destined that Manmadhan would cast his arrow of lust at Shiva and that as a result of it  Lord Muruga would be born to Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathi  who would slay Tarakasura in order to restore peace.

He explained to the Gods that pralaya or the deluge was of three kinds 
1.Kaama Pralaya
2.Aavantara Pralaya
3.Maha Pralaya
He explained to them that Lord Vishnu would save them from Aavantara Pralaya. He also told them that the present problem came under Kaama Pralaya and that Devi Parashakthi alone could save them in such a situation. 

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